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You focus on your key activities and let us take care of the rest

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Why Outsource your back office?

Achieve decreased costs and increased revenues
On average you can reduce costs by up to 50%
Allow your teams to focus on key activities by removing the adminsitrative burden


Our team of experts are fully aware of the challenges in running a property management business. We will remove the burden of time consuming property management back-office functions, so you can focus on the revenue generating aspects of your business. We will work in close collboration with your team to ensure a seamless delivery of back-office functions to drive your business.


FPBO is a leading real estate property management back-office services provider. By outsourcing property maintenance services to us, you stand to improve upon the maintenance and upkeep of your properties, without the heavy investment in staff, technology, and skills needed for the same. Some of the major advantages of outsourcing to us include (add headings)


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White Label

We’ll do everything in your name, under your brand